We were made for this.

Gander International Airport was purpose-built for transatlantic aviation, a role it has played since 1938. We are synonymous with quick turn technical stops and also provide a safe, convenient crew rest base.

Gander International Airport is a 24-hour full service international airport with all the capabilities and infrastructure to handle any aircraft. No restrictions, no curfews, no noise abatements, and no congestion. Now or ever.

We are ready to accommodate your operation. Be it corporate, military, charter, or cargo traffic, Gander International Airport offers a high quality, efficient fuel stop.

As well, we have Air Traffic Control, flight services, weather, emergency response, police, and Canadian Border Services available 24 hours daily to ensure safe, secure, and efficient operations.

Gander International Airport’s consistent record of efficient ground handling, fast turns, lack of operating restrictions, and competitive fuel market has long made it a technical stop for North Atlantic operations. With our strategic location midway between North America and Europe, we offer optimal economic and operational efficiencies.

Air Traffic Control, flight services, weather, emergency response, police, and Canadian Border Services are provided 24 hours daily to ensure safe, secure, and efficient operations.


IATA Designation

ICAO Designation

IFR Airport, 24 hours/day – 7 days/week

496 feet (151.2 metres) above mean sea level

Latitude 48º 56’ 13” N
Longitude 54º 34’ 05” W

Time Zone
UTC 3 ½ (2 ½)

Noise Restrictions
None – exempt from Chapter 3 requirements

Runway Data
Rwy 3(033°)/21(213°) 10200×200 asphalt Rwy 21 Down 0.34%
Rwy 3 RVR 1200 (1/4sm) / Rwy 21 RVR 1200 (1/4sm)
Rwy 13(130°)/31(310°) 8900×200 asphalt Rwy 13 Down 0.50%
Rwy 13 RVR 1200 (1/4sm) / Rwy 31 RVR 1200 (1/4sm)

Surrounding Terrain
Woods, lakes, all approaches clear with airport situated on plateau.

98.3% reliable

Traffic Density
No congestion

Hydrant refuelling system

VORTACYQX 112.7 Ch 74 N48 53 59 W54 32 06 (600’) 002° 2.5 NM to A/D

NDB QX 280 (M) N48 57 52 W54 40 06 123° 3.3NM to thld 13
DME IQX 109.5 Ch 32 N48 57 02 W54 33 37
ILS IQX 109.5 (Rwy 03) RVR; IGN 109.9 (Rwy 13) RVR

Country Code: +1
IDD Access Code: 011
Domestic Prefix: 1

Tower Frequency: 118.1
Ground Frequency: 121.9
ATIS: 124.8
DEP: 128.5
CUST: AOE 888-226-7277

Flight Plan
Halifax 866-WXBRIEF

TAF H24 Issue Times: 00, 06, 12, 18Z

Link Live RVR



Alternate Airfield
Stephenville, NL
160 nautical miles


We invite you to relax in our Crew Lounge while your aircraft gets refuelled. Our crew lounge has full amenities to ensure a comfortable, productive stop at Gander – private snooze beds, a state-of-the-art massage chair, flight planning area, home theatre, Xbox 360 and Wii, movie library, complementary snacks and beverages, business service centre, laptop computers, wireless printer, free internet access, pool table, foosball, shuffleboard and more.

We are more than happy to coordinate the provision of additional or special services.

Services available at CYQX include:

  • Crew lounge with conference/briefing room, snooze beds and dedicated military DNS line
  • Complementary wireless internet access and computers
  • Sterile international transit lounge
  • Crew shuttle service
  • Rental cars on site
  • Catering coordination
  • Customs and immigration clearance
  • Competitive fuel prices from four fueling companies, contract fuel available
  • Professional line service/maintenance
  • Hotel discounts available
  • Famous Newfoundland hospitality
  • Complete passenger and cargo handling for ALL aircraft types
  • Quick turns for transatlantic traffic
  • Bonded warehouse and cargo space
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Type I & Type IV de-icing fluid
  • Computerized flight planning, weather services, and 24 hour flight following
  • Ramp space for 66 wide-bodied aircraft
  • Hydrant refueling system
  • Two runways, longest 10,500 feet
  • Average turn of wide-body aircraft less than 60 minutes
  • Low security threat, low media profile
  • Low media profile; ideal for concealment
  • Hotels within 2 km of airport; 550 total rooms
  • Dangerous goods handling/parking
  • Ample bonded warehouse space for parts storage/pre-positioning


Union East is a gastropub located inside historic Gander International Airport, but is anything but an airport restaurant with dedicated parking for non-travelling patrons. Union East hopes to capture guests’ hearts and stomachs with celebrated fresh and local food.

For more information, please contact:

Facebook: Union East Gander
Tel: 1 709-651-1666



Unicom 122.7
Fuel Jet A-1
Hours 24/7
Credit All major credit cards and contract fuel cards, US Government Air Card
Phone 709.256.4414
Fax 709.256.2314


Unicom 122.55
Fuel Jet A-1
Hours 24
Credit Multi-Service, AV Card, Visa, MC
Phone 709.256.4620
Fax 709.256.7977


Unicom 122.90
Fuel Jet A-1
Hours 24
Credit Multi-Service, AV Card, Visa, MC, US Govt, UV Air, Din
Phone 709.651.5000
Fax 709.651.5015

Ground Services

Great services from the ground up.

Whether it’s scheduled service or diversion handling, Allied Aviation Service Company of Newfoundland, ULC is available to provide complete passenger and cargo handling requirements. It specializes in quick turns for transatlantic traffic, as well as handling unscheduled emergency diversions, be it mechanical, medical, or unruly passengers.

Allied Provides:

  • Complete passenger and cargo handling for all aircraft types
  • Quick turns for trans-Atlantic traffic
  • Bonded warehouse and cargo space
  • Handling of medical emergencies, mechanical diversions, air rage
  • All ground equipment, including cargo loaders, air start units, ground power, heaters, de-icing units, water, lavatory vehicles, passenger stairs, belt loaders, nitrogen, tire jacks, forklifts, and higher loader commissary vehicles
  • Type I & Type IV de-icing fluid
  • Courtesy vehicle, crew lounge, and complimentary internet service
  • Liaison with fuel suppliers, hotels, catering, customs, vehicle rentals, etc…
  • Computerized flight planning, weather services, and 24 hour flight following
  • and TLD Main Deck Loader
For more information, please contact:
Allied Aviation Service Company of Newfoundland, LtdFlight Operations:
Telephone (709) 256-3041 or 3044
Fax (709) 256-7404
VHF 129.1
AFTN CYQXXHAXMailing Address
Allied Aviation Service Company of Newfoundland, Ltd
P.O. Box 329
Gander International Airport
Gander, NL A1V 1W7


The right crew for you

Briggs Aero Limited was established in 1980 and has been actively providing aircraft maintenance and repair services for all types of aircraft. The Briggs’ team has a combined experience of over 100 years in the aviation business. This experience, combined with a highly professional and trained staff, works to provide the best possible service and customer satisfaction. Briggs Aero performs maintenance and structural repair on general aviation aircraft and helicopters, as well as line maintenance on heavy aircraft from within our secure 17,000 sq. foot hangar that can accommodate wing spans up to 65 feet.

Our staff includes

  • Canadian “M” & “S” and American “A & P” licensed personnel
  • 180 ETOPS qualified professionals
  • Personnel trained and experienced in the following Airbus 300 (600), 727, 737, 747, 757, 767; DC-8, DC-10, and L-1011.

We can provide the following services and products:

  • Liquid oxygen service
  • High pressure nitrogen
  • Sheet metal repair and fabrication
  • Popular engine oils and hydraulic fluids
  • Airframes
  • Composite repair
  • Hot section
  • Inspection services
  • Interiors
  • Painting

For more information, please contact:
Corey Smith
Telephone 709.256.8147
Cell Phone 709.424.3376
Fax 709.256.8271