What can I take in my baggage?

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is responsible for passenger pre-board screening at the Gander International Airport and airports across Canada. We recommend that you browse the CATSA website for a list of prohibited items. For more information, please see our Luggage section.

When should I arrive for a flight?

At Gander, we would suggest arriving no later than one hour before departure for a domestic flight and two hours before an international departure.

How do I get to the airport?

Gander International Airport is located approximately two kilometres off the Trans Canada Highway. Turn right off Cooper Boulevard onto James Boulevard. For travellers from coastal areas north of Gander, Route 320 connects with Cooper Boulevard. For more information, please see our Parking and Transport section.

What about Parking?

We offer a large amount of parking spaces near the airport for both short and long-term. For more information, please see our Parking and Transport section.

How can I page a passenger at the airport?

Either proceed in person to the Information Counter in the main terminal, or call the main desk at 709-256-6677.

What about Internet access?

Gander International Airport has complementary wireless internet access in its terminal.

What about taking my dog to the airport?

Gander International Airport has a flexible policy regarding taking your pet inside the terminal. However, please ensure your animal is tethered and maintains a distance from the rest of our guests. Gander International Airport has a sprawling green area where you can circulate your dog before your flight. Check with your airline beforehand, as some carriers have restrictions on how and whether animals are transported.

What if I’ve lost something at the airport?

The Gander International Airport Authority's Lost and Found is located on the main floor of the Airport Terminal Building, in the Security Operations Center, and is controlled by the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. The Lost and Found department is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Every attempt is made to return found items, however, items will only be held for ninety (90) days. Expensive items, such as camera equipment and laptop computers are held for 120 days.

What is the three-letter IATA code for Gander International Airport?

The IATA (International Air Transportation Association) three-letter code for Gander International Airport is YQX. The four-letter code, which also identifies the country, is CYQX.

I'm a plane watcher. Where’s the best place to get a look?

There is a designated plane watching area with parking located on Circular Road. We do ask that plane watchers exercise diligence and keep safety in mind. If you are plane watching from your vehicle, ensure you turn off your headlights so as not to interrupt flight operations. Also, take care in how you dispose of garbage. Litter can attract birds and can compromise aerodrome safety.

What is Newfoundland Standard Time?

Newfoundland Standard Time is 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 30 minutes ahead of Atlantic Standard Time.