Gander is a thriving commercial service center. Businesses are seeking to expand or relocate to Gander to avail of its growing consumer market, strategic positioning, and deep labour pool.

Gander International Airport is aggressively fostering growth on its 158-acres of land available for lease. Private and public sector tenants are choosing airside locations to grow their business and better serve clients. Lots are ideally located for maximum visibility, ease of consumer access, and proximity to the downtown sector.

In the summer of 2013, the airport broke ground on Phase I of the Crossroads Business Park, a new retail-friendly location strategically located along Cooper Blvd and Roe Avenue, in the hub of the town’s shopping power centre.


Our development team is eager to assist in your proposed development plans. Land-use planning and development is an important process in the growth and structuring of Gander International Airport. Efficient planning is necessary to maintain a balance between airport and business interests that reflects the needs of both. If you require further information on any business development needs, please download the airport’s Handbook for Prospective Developers or contact our Marketing Department. We treat all inquiries with the strictest of confidence.


Gander International Airport also has office space available for lease. Working in the airport milieu provides an ideal environment for government agencies, export-oriented firms, and aviation companies. Please contact us for more details.